How Did We Do That.

Client needed 650 t shirts for the 4 annual 5K/1K Walk/Run Gallop at the GROVE event in a Gildan 5000 White and 14 Staff shirts using a Gildan 5000 Yellow Haze t shirt.

The art was prepaired and sent to me in PDF format. Separated for 2-color printing. The back side was also prepaired in a PDF with all the sponcer logos in place.

After proofing the film was output and the screens burned and the project was set into motion.

The printing process was traditional silkscreen using silkscreen inks and a Pantone matching system for the ink colors. Rockstar mixed the ink for us in 1 gal containers and it was a dead on match.

Gallop at the Grove

Staff t shirts in Yellow Haze

Miser Mite Creative Services a Colorado Company