Is Direct to Garment the right choice for every project, hardly, it only works when the runs are short, the runs are full color and when the end result needs to be of the highest available quality level and that the quality level is not available with other print methods.

Direct to Garment printing is best suited for full color when you consider the setup cost involved in traditional silk screen printing with separation film, plate and make ready cost can add up fast.
To get to the press with one shirt is going to be in hundreds of dollars.
The cost to do a six t shirt minimum run can be over $250.00 on a white t shirt. For that same dollar you can get full color on a minimum of 25 t shirts.

In my opinion the quality is going to be in the Direct to Garment t shirt printed on white for nothing else then the touch alone.
The ink is water based and what the industry calls hand or the feel is soft to the touch not like theĀ  plastic inks used in traditional silk screen printing.
I would recommend the Direct to Garment process on white t shirts as long as you can justify the cost.
When Printing on color or dark t shirts when a white under base is called for it becomes a different matter and is subject to the loss of hand as stated above (the industry calls hand or the feel is soft to the touch).

Direct to Garment Decorating Method

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