How Did We Do That.

After the team won last years tug a war located in downtown Denver and now being invited back to defend the first place ranking this year. The only thing that was missing was the team t shirts to be worn by the team.
The 12 member winning team had to have a uniform.
After searching for a few minutes on the Internet the team leader came across Seeing that we have one day tees she contacted us about the teams needs and sent the art over in a PDF format via email.
The project needed to be on a white t shirt, she left elected to use a house stocked item from our 2011 catalog, printed full color on both sides. She also needed a couple 4X t shirts for a couple team members and we were able to accommodate.

The printing process because it was a small run and full color needed to be printed on our Direct to Garment equipment.

Tug a war contest winners

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