How Did We Do That T Shirt Printing.

When looking for that company apparel and the need to get the word out fast. Look to Direct to Garment t shirt printing. The process is quick and without a lot of preparation, no film, screens or make ready as with traditional silk screen t shirt printing.

We are able to turn most on white t shirt printing order in the same day as needed. When the art file is prepared and ready to go with the least amount of change. We accept the file via email in a variety of  formats and convert the file to the format needed for Digital T Shirt Printing. After a couple changes and proofing of the final project we were able to used a stocked  Gildan 2000 and a Gildan 2000 Ladies white t shirt from our 2011 Imprints Catalog to accommodate the clients needs.

The printing process because it was a small run and full color needed to be printed on our Direct to Garment press.

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