Direct To Garment (dtg)

What’s to know about direct-to-garment (dtg) printing?  dtg is words, numbers, images on t-shirts, caps, mugs, bags, etc. -  where-ever you have a need to see ‘words in print’.

The Decorated Apparel Industry came in on a storm in late 2004 when commercial companies wanted writing on uniforms, cups, and all types of advertising mediums.  But first a little history.

For years people have wanted words on tees that used digital transfer paper or screen printing – these methods were OK – there were positives and negatives however.

Digital transfers let us create as little as one-off shirt using a standard desktop inkject printer at the cost of a single transfer from $.50 to $2.50 depending on the ink and paper the printer used.  However, transfer paper, covered with polymer (adhesive) glues the ink to the top of the shirt; the polymer often left a hand where it was applied, could discolor the shirt, or created a window around the graphic design.

Screen printing has been the traditional method of choice used in retail stores.  This method allows ink to drop down on the garment where the design is, eliminating the undersirable window that occurs with the digital transfers.  Unfortunately, the graphic must be separated (a process of breaking down the graphic into different colors in order to print it), a screen burned for each color, and a screen printing press is needed for setup, thus taking a lot of time making the process expensive when only a few shirts are required.

A short-run (1 to 48 shirts) in a small shop would usually be too expensive for the customer.  The trend toward fashion-short-runs (1 or a few shirts) limited edition, personalized garments prompted a need for a high quality, cost effective solution as soon as possible.  Unfortunately, apparel decorators are never satisfied with the concept the things will ever get better.

Manufacturers and distributors continually push the boundaries in search of cheaper, faster ways to screen print or create better inkject transfer paper with less hand or feel to them.

Finally, the introduction of dtg (direct-to-garment) printing allowed  the positive aspects of the inkject transfers and  screen printing  process to be  accomplished in a compact space with remarkable results.

The  basics of this concept uses a digital printer to lay down a textile water-based ink  with chemical binders allowing the ink to remain on the garment without an adhesive being applied to the top of the shirt much like a transfer.  The ink is then cured to the garment using either a heat press or textile conveyor dryer.   An apparel decorator is then able to take artwork from the customer, put it on a garment, and get paid within 10 minutes.

With very few modifications to the artwork provided, the decorator can personalize the next garment with a name, number(s), different colors,  and produce another altered custom garment in minutes.

The beauty of dtg printing – short-run, personalized, reasonably priced and paid for garment in ten minutes.  A win-win-win situation all around!!

Organizational T Shirt Printing

Spellbinders Volunteer T Shirt/Sweat Shirts

Local chapter wanted to develop the Spellbinders Logo on a t shirt and a sweatshirt for their members to wear while reading to the audience and promoting.

The logo was supplied to us in Adobe Illustrator format and modified to fit our needs.
The local chapter wanted the t shirts and sweat shirts to be available on both white and black.
At Direct2Garments we are able to print on both using white under base for the dark garments.

The Printing process because it was a small run and full color needed to be printed on our Direct to Garment press.
Spellbinders Storytelling Lakewood Colorado Chapter

Miser Mite Creative Services a Colorado Company

Colorado Pioneer License Plate T-Shirt Printing

How Did We Do That.

Colorado Pioneer License Plate T-Shirts was developed by Steve Core after becoming a part of this program in the mid 1990′s. Our family heritage dates back to 1894. A complete history of this is found at

This product is sold from the Colorado Pioneer website owned and operated by Miser Mite Creative Services and produced on a per sell basis. We print the file on a Gildan 2000 t shirt from Imprints and ship it out via USPS. Available on both white and dark garments with the ability to print white under base at Direct2Garments.

The file was created from the original license plate design and modified in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe PhotoShop.


he Printing process because it was a small run and full color needed to be printed on our Direct to Garment press.

Colorado Pioneer License Plate on Black T Shirt Colorado Pioneer License Plate on white
Colorado Pioneer Licence Plate on white

Miser Mite Creative Services a Colorado Company

5K/1K Walk/Run T Shirt Printing

How Did We Do That.

Client needed 650 t shirts for the 4 annual 5K/1K Walk/Run Gallop at the GROVE event in a Gildan 5000 White and 14 Staff shirts using a Gildan 5000 Yellow Haze t shirt.

The art was prepaired and sent to me in PDF format. Separated for 2-color printing. The back side was also prepaired in a PDF with all the sponcer logos in place.

After proofing the film was output and the screens burned and the project was set into motion.

The printing process was traditional silkscreen using silkscreen inks and a Pantone matching system for the ink colors. Rockstar mixed the ink for us in 1 gal containers and it was a dead on match.

Gallop at the Grove

Staff t shirts in Yellow Haze

Miser Mite Creative Services a Colorado Company

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